GraphXPress 4.04

Design, save and store up to 750 custom graphs for quick easy retrieval
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You've probably heard the old saying that "a picture is worth a thousand words".
Well, one of our most popular features, GraphXPress ("GXP"), is a tool that can create financial pictures of your dealership with just a few simple keystrokes.
This opens up nearly unlimited new ways of viewing and understanding what is happening within your business from a financial perspective.
Unlike some reporting tools, you'll never have to import/export or upload/download data to generate a professional quality graphical analysis of your dealership operations.
Your dealership data is automatically updated as you do business so charts will always reflect your latest operational results.
You don't have to memorize keystrokes, learn commands or write scripts--just point and click to obtain a whole new way of looking at your dealership's financial results.
GraphXPress is simply the best tool available in the industry to analyze your financial data and give you the information you need to plot the future course of your business.
Fully integrated into your HBS Dealership Management System

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